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New Camera and New Website

The Camera

I did it! I purchased the Sony a7ii. For the last couple weeks I have been playing and experimenting with it and I feel confident enough to sing its praises and voice my criticisms.

Without turning this into a review post, I have to say, its a tremendously powerful camera. Stepping off from the Canon 5Dii, the dynamic range, digital viewfinder and in-camera image stabilization are, as far as I'm concerned, magic. The color depth and sharpness of the images is staggering.

It is not without flaws: despite the interface being almost endlessly customizable, there is an edge to the customization; once you find that edge, it's a little frustrating. Dial placements aren't the best and battery life is pretty close to awful.

That said, I love this camera. It's been a pleasure having it with me all the time. I'm currently using the Sigma MC-11 adapter to adapt my Canon lenses but I think I am going to shift into manual prime lenses to decrease weight. I am currently looking at the 24mm Rokinon f/1.4.

The Site

Due to a variety of contributing factors, I decided to change the website's name and address from bclip.co to underhillpictures.com. I will certainly miss the brevity of my old address but this one not only makes a little more sense, it's also not one letter off from another company's website.

I will continue to tweak the interface, graphics and color scheme to the point where it feels good for me. Unfortunately, without a great deal of web-development skill, I am restrained to the options that Squarespace provides.

Operations Status

I still have not spent time on Operation Sunshine but I have not forgotten it. If you've tried to go onto that section, you will notice its locked. This will be remedied before year's end.

Time to get back to work, going to try and update this a little more frequently.



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