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Declaration of intent

I would like this to be an outlet for writing. More of a distorted blog than a journal. I have a lot of ideas for what Banana Clip is / can be. The challenge is maintaining conciseness while simultaneously expanding. 

Originally, Banana Clip was going to be the headliner, with everything else following in its wake. For now, Banana Clip will take the sidelines to my photography projects. 

Right now I am tweaking the website to the best of my ability. I realized today that a production company owns BCLIP.COM. I am still debating on whether or not I want to put a redirect link on the cover page. If you guys read this, let me know if that would make a difference to you!

I will slowly add more 'older' content to the site; but I think my formative cutoff will be post-Pilgrimage as prior to that I was using low quality glass and a T1i. 

Spring is right around the corner and I am looking forward to starting a couple projects. Keep on the lookout for Operation Sell-Out and Operation Tulgey Wood.

Once I get my finances in order, I will start looking at travel plans and destinations. Business cards are in the works right now. With some time and additional deliberation, I may have those printed by the end of March.


What I am listening to: Glass and Stone by Tor


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