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Second Pilgrimage

Since July 7th, I've been driving across the United States. This time, I drove from New York to San Francisco with my two roommates. For the first half of the trip, we rotated driving shifts between my parent's moving truck, the convertible, stationwagon and sedan. I didn't shoot much for the first half of the trip due to the long drive times and late arrivals at hotels.

My roommates and I broke off in Rifle, CO and I've been shooting a lot ever since. I've been focusing on light sources and composition more than anything on this trip and I have found that it is paying off. 

Our route is taking us through the deserts of the South West and as such, it has averaged between 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature has been prohibitive of distance hiking and exploration but I have gotten the opportunity to take some sunset/sunrise and night shots along the way. 

Today, in Joshua Tree, I used my 17-40 for the first time on this trip. Surprisingly, I have been making significantly more use of my 70-200mm for my landscape work. I have enjoyed using its lower f/stops and focal length to really zero in on what I want to take pictures of. 

My biggest problem with using the 17-40 is that it is just so wide. The image ends up looking cluttered with all of the content. Using the 70-200 has allowed me to really 'focus' on my subject matter.

Elle brought her 24-70 L  and I have gotten a chance to use it. It is an absolutely incredible piece of glass. The range is perfect for 85% of anything I'd want to shoot. I am definitely considering investing in one of them to complete my range.

Today we are driving ~8 hours from 29 Palms, CA to Monteray, CA.

Alex Ellick