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Little Update

I am mildly ashamed I have neither been actively shooting nor updating this site. Life has shifted to high gear. I took a job at the Renaissance Faire as a rose-seller which has simultaneously been the most incredible thing that I've done in a while and one of the most exhausting. Pulling 90 hour weeks for 9 weeks in a row has left me with so little desire to do anything extracurricular. 

I'm in a period of flux right now. Ready for new things; I'm excited for changes and adventure and I have the feeling that there is a big adventure on the horizon: there is a greater than 50% chance that I will be hopping a freight ship to New Zealand in the next year. 

This weekend I am heading to B&H to test out the Sony a7ii as a replacement for my 5D Mark II which is not only very aged and heavy, it no longer turns off. I have been excited to move up for a while and now I have reasonable justification to do so. I have been researching cameras for some time and I am really excited to branch out from the Canon ecosystem. With the metabones adapter, I will be able to utilize my entire lens lineup on the Sony. 

I am also considering in investing in faster prime lenses. 


That's it for now! More to come soon.


Alex Ellick